Toyota Corolla 2024

Toyota Corolla 2024: Specs and Price

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Toyota Corolla 2024: Specs and Price. Toyota Corolla 2024 is a twelfth generation model, which is certainly far better than the previous version. This is a sedan or hatchback car that is affordable, economical, but still efficient. Also, the latest models bring the latest multimedia and technology.

This car presents more quality material. Different from the previous version, which usually uses rather inexpensive materials. If you are curious about how changed this car is, see the article below:

Because it is also equipped with good features and specifications besides being economical, many people are interested in this car. What’s more, this car will be much more modern and has more complete features. The following are details about this car that you should know:

Toyota Corolla 2024

Toyota Corolla 2024 Engine Specs

This Toyota series can be sure to have a reliable engine. In the next generation, the Toyota Corolla has two engine choices. These choices are two conventional and also one hybrid powertrain. The basic model of a car can produce power up to 139 horsepower. Because this car has a 1.8 L 4-cylinder engine, this is. This Toyota Corolla engine has previously been applied to the Corolla Eco car.

The standard Corolla hatchbacks can produce power up to 169 horsepower. Because its engine is using the 2.0 L 4-cylinder engine, it is. This also applies to higher sedan levels. Both engines can be paired with a 6-speed manual or CVT transmission. However, from these two choices, the CVT transmission is the one that saves the most fuel.

New Wheel Design

As for the Corolla Hybrid, it will have 1.8 L with 4 cylinders. There is a permanent magnet synchronous motor with 71-horsepower. There is also a nickel-metal hydride battery pack for a combined power output of 121 ponies in this car. If you choose the Corolla hybrid, this is good news for you. Because Corolla hybrids return to 52 miles per gallon, this is. This is what makes this car so standouts for the hybrid hatchback segment.

Toyota Corolla 2024

Toyota Corolla 2024 Redesign

The upcoming Toyota Corolla style has a modern style and looks sharper compared to the previous version. The wheel openings look stronger with character lines that are so amazing. On the front corner of the bumper, there is a more modern trapezoidal grille.

Also, the bumper angle is more varied with different trim levels. If you like LED decoration on a car, this car can accommodate your desires. There is a thin LED headlight that runs along the corner of this hatchback.

It makes this car so prominent if it is on the highway at night. The existence of the “Triple J” accent on LED lights is also undergoing an updated contrast to the previous version. The trim level on the LED lights is also higher and keeps the dimensions neater.

For the rearview, this car does not look very sharp. There are slim LED taillights that make this car perfect for the latest concept cars. On the trunk lid have a concept that is almost the same as the previous version. The bumper cover is rumored to be lower but still looks stylish. The standard wheels are pretty good with high trim levels. If you choose SE or SXE, you will get 18-inch alloy wheels with a sportier look.

Toyota Corolla 2024

Toyota Corolla 2024 Interior

The Toyota Corolla interior definitely has a cleaner design and better trimmings. For example, there is a soft touch on the dashboard that makes this car so elegant. The shape of the dashboard looks wider on the front. In the previous version, the dashboard upholstery used fabric in the standard version. As for the SE and XSE models, the interior is far sportier. It is expected that this car on this model provides comfortable, sporty seats and vinyl trim.

The fabric also has a color accent that matches contrasting stitch colors. Leather only has a steering wheel and a transfer lever on the higher models. This car has good visibility. It is because the front pillars are thin with a slick side mirror design. There is a cup holder with a backrest in the rear seat, except for the L base model.

Toyota Corolla 2024

Multimedia & Technology

This car has modern multimedia devices. You can find a dashboard with a touchscreen as a volume controller, mechanical shortcut keys, and a tuning knob. The L version of this car will have a 7-inch screen. At the same time, other models will have 8-inch screens, 1 inch larger than the base model. This car is also integrated with Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa as a standard.

For driver information, there will be a 4.2-inch screen, but there is still an analog meter. If you choose the standard XLE, XSE, and hybrid models will have a 7-inch instrument display.

Safety Features

This Toyota Corolla’s safety is predicted to come with Toyota Safety Sense 2.0. It is a safety package that is available in Toyota with technology to help the driver. The safety package is quite complete, for example, a collision warning at full speed. There is also automatic braking and can detect pedestrians. Other alerts include lane departure alert with steering, automatic high beam alert, and roadside detection.

Adaptive cruise control features full speed stop and go if a car has a CTV. On LE models and above, there will be a blind spot warning. This is certainly beneficial for you because it will reduce the accident rate. On the XLE and XSE models, there will be adaptive headlights as a lighting package. However, this optional adaptive LED light is only on high Corolla models.

As for the standard LED lights, the rank is only marginal from the IIHS testing scenario. This car is also able to accommodate the safety of children. This is because the tethers and Latch anchors are easily accessible in the back seat.

Toyota Corolla 2024 Release Date & Price

Update: New Corolla already available on the market right now, the price starting at $19,825 for the base version. The complete list of corolla price can you see at the list below:

  • Toyota Corolla L: $19,825.
  • Toyota Corolla LE: $20,275.
  • Toyota Corolla SE Sedan: $22,275.
  • Toyota Corolla SE hatchback: $20,465.
  • Toyota Corolla XLE: $24,225.
  • Toyota Corolla XSE Hatchback: $23,415.
  • Toyota Corolla XSE Sedan: $25,725.

This car is quite complete if you want comfort with qualified technology. Therefore, the price is quite affordable. For the basic type, namely, type L, The price can reach $19,600. The higher type that is LE type, the price will be upgraded around $450. For top-range models, the price is not to be more than $25,500.

About the release date, this car will likely be available in the market in 2024. 2024 is still long enough, but Toyota has scheduled that it will start production in April 2024. The estimated sales date is the following June.

Most specifications and features of the Toyota Corolla 2024 follow the previous version. Of course, everything will be made much better and more modern for hatchbacks. This car will soon arrive in 2024, so you should not miss more information about this car.

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Where will the Corolla be built in 2024?

Toyota builds Corolla at its factory in Blue Springs.

When was Toyota Corolla redesigned?

Toyota made major changes to the Corolla in 2024.

Is Toyota Corolla made in the USA?

Toyota Corolla 2024 is built at the Toyota Mississippi plant in Blue Springs, Mississippi.