Mercedes GLA 2024: Redesign and Specs

Mercedes GLA 2024: Redesign and Specs

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2024 Mercedes GLA: Redesign and Specs. Mercedes GLA 2024 updates and redesigns as an extra-small SUV. This SUV will bring you the best look with the newest generation of M-B products. When you see it, you will find this SUV is taller than the usual crossover or SUV.

It will give you the best deliberate, and you can get this SUV longer on the off-road as the best SUV. You can also get a convenient way both the shape and positioning. You can get the driver’s seat in the right and left seats, and it has a comfortable front seat passenger.

It brings you similar and leaps technology and the best quality. It is beyond and dd the height way. This SUV offers you the latest technology features with the infotainment system. It gives you 10,25 inches screen with active safety features for your road and journey.

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Engine Specification

You can choose GLA 2024 when you are looking for economical fuel. it is because the Mercedes GLA 2024 engine has a familiar engine. You will get a 2-liter turbo-four that is similar to the previous model. Power is increasing in this SUV.

The increase of the power starts from 208 hp to 221 hp. Meanwhile, for the torque, it has the same at 258 lb-ft. Besides, it has the previous seven-speed with a dual-clutch transmission. This 2024 GLA engine has eight-speed DCT.

You will get the acceleration from 0 to 60 mph when you choose it. Mercedes also claims that they will give the sprint for GLA 2024 in 7,2 seconds. From the engine, it has the same suspension with all-new. This feature will give you MacPherson struts at the front side.

You will get a multi-link located in the rear. You can also get more aluminum components rather than the previous one to cut back the weight. This GLA system also redesigns with electro-mechanical to get the hydraulic one. Thus, it can distribute 20%.

Mercedes GLA 2024: Redesign and Specs

Mercedes GLA 2024 Redesign Exterior & Interior

Choosing this SUV will make you get the newest sheet metal that is gorgeous. This newest GLA, it has new and shorter rather than the predecessor. Mercedes GLA 2024 exterior will give you power domes on the hood side.

You will get a stylish and sport modern design. This design has powerful shoulders and also a couple on the side of the windows. You will see the unique opening along the single louver with a central star in the front of the radiator.

However, on the backside, it is divided into two-part as the reflector for your SYV. It is positioned separately in the bumper. You will also get easier loading, and it is integrated with the roof rails and additional classy touches. This SUV has a four-door couple and GLB crossover.

Mercedes GLA 2024: Redesign and Specs

Mercedes GLA 2024 Interior & Features

GLA 2024 comes with the newest interior. The Mercedes GLA 2024 interior has the same similar to the previous one. The technology in this car becomes one of the main points of the central role. When you choose this SUV, you can get the luxury one crossover.

Mercedes will give the instrumental panel with a “cut out” for the driver and the passenger. You will get a free-standing display unit when you see it on the driver’s side. This unit is available in 2 sizes, like 7 inches and 10,25 inches display.

Besides, the passenger also gives high-quality material when they choose this SUV. When you choose this SUV, it adds the MBUX infotainment system as the standard system. You can also get those turbine-style air that is located on the infotainment screen.

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The improvement of interior design also can be seen through the seating position. In the seating position both for passenger and driver, it is adjusted by 5,5 inches. Behind the rear seat, you will see the cargo space. The cargo also increased rather than the previous model.

The cargo of this SUV is expanded around 40x20x40 folding rear seats. As you can be expected, in the newest GLA, it has several driver assistance and safety system for the driver while driving. There is a safety system you can choose from and help you on the road.

Mercedes GLA 2024: Redesign and Specs

Mercedes GLA 2024 Infotainment

Mercedes GLA 2024 infotainment will give you a standard GLA-class range for the infotainment. You will get 7 inches display of the screen when you choose it. You will get both screens for the driver and the passenger. These dual inches will be the best option.

Besides, this infotainment system can be manipulated on the touchscreen using the voice command and touchpad controller. However, you can also use both media like iPhone and Android. You will get an infotainment system like a radio satellite, a head-up display, and a premium audio system.

Mercedes GLA 2024 Release Date & Price

I believe that most of you will be more curious relating to the Mercedes GLA 2024 release date, competition, and price. Mercedes has no announce the pricing of GLA 2024. Thus, make sure you have to look at every piece of information on the official website.

Most rumors or people said that this SUV would have different prices from the previous one. It can be seen from the changes in the exterior. Most of the rumors predicted that this SUV would cost around $34,250, and for fully-loaded, it costs around $40.000.

For the competition, GLA 2024 has a major competition like BMW X2, Audi Q3, and Lexus UX. This SUV has a similar price, level of power, and all-wheel drive. Thus, it makes the customers or people will be more confused.

However, this SUV will be coming in the summer. It means that this SUV will release at the end of 2024. thus, you can buy it, and you can start to use it on the first of 2024. you can get this SUV in the dealership that is coming in summer.


You can choose GLA 2024 if you are looking for the best SUV or crossover. this SUV will be the best choice to get a luxury design, both interior and exterior. Besides, you can get the best economical fuel with the increase of powertrain through Mercedes GLA 2024.