Ford Ranchero 2023 Rumors & Release Date

Ford Ranchero 2023 Rumors & Release Date

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Ford Ranchero 2023 Rumors & Release Date. Ford is slowly cutting all of the cars in favor of SUVs, crossovers, and pickup trucks. A pickup truck based on a regular car is becoming a common thing these days. Knowing that the Ford Ranchero 2023 could be another pickup in the Blue Oval’s lineup of trucks. If the rumors are true, the upcoming Ranchero will be based on the fourth-generation Ford Focus. The sales will firstly start in South and North America and Ranchero will replace the Fiesta-based Courier model.

Ranchero was a popular car long ago and it isn’t in production for decades now. Ford is just returning the nameplate that will share literally nothing with its predecessor. It is a pickup truck and not a regular car. Whatsoever, the Ford Ranchero 2023 will deliver a unique design with a sporty stance. When it arrives, Ranchero will slot in the compact pickup trucks category.

Ford Ranchero 2023 Rumors & Release Date

Ford Ranchero 2023 powertrain

The approaching Ford Ranchero 2023 will offer a single powertrain unit but with two different outputs. A 4.0-liter six-cylinder engine comes with a 6-speed automatic gearbox and a standard rear-wheel-drive setup. It will produce 261 HP and 288 lb-ft of torque. The second engine’s configuration is delivering 362 horsepower and 393 lb-ft of torque. This is just for the start, as Ranchero could easily obtain a diesel powertrain, or even hybrid.

Ford Ranchero 2023 exterior design

As we said, the exterior of the all-new Ford Ranchero 2023 will look sporty. The pickup truck won’t look too aggressive as the Blue Oval carmaker decided to provide sportier design and modern styling cues. The front part adds a body-color bumper and the gorgeous hexagonal radiator grille. Xenon headlights will be standard but we would recommend optional LED units. The same stands for the fog lights.

Ford Ranchero 2023 Rumors & Release Date

At the back, LED taillights will be optional too. The arriving truck is 201.5 inches long and it will be 60 inches tall. Compared to the F-series trucks, Ranchero is significantly smaller. It will offer 16-inch alloy wheels as standard and higher trim levels are available with the 18 and 19-inch wheels. As we wrote, Ranchero will use the same platform as the fourth-generation Ford Focus.

Ford Ranchero 2023 interior rumors

We don’t know too much about the interior For sure, the Ford Ranchero 2023 will be available in a chassis cab. That means the newest Ford pickup will accommodate up to three passengers. The interior will borrow plenty of styling cues from Ford Focus. The cabin will look modern and the comfort will be great, especially on the upper trims.

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With so little information, we still don’t know the position and layout of the seats and controls. Some info is leaking and if the rumors are true, a multifunctional steering wheel is coming as standard. Leather upholstery will be optional on the base model and standard on higher trims. Expect at least three trim levels.

Ford Ranchero 2023 Rumors & Release Date

Ford Ranchero 2023 price and release date

The Ford Focus-based pickup truck will hit the dealerships later in 2022. The sales will start in the South and North America first, while the production will be ended in Mexico. The Ford Ranchero 2023 will arrive as a compact pickup truck and it will cost around $25,000.