Ford Fusion Active Wagon 2024

Ford Fusion Active Wagon 2024: Price and Release Date

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Ford Fusion Active Wagon 2024: Price and Release Date . The Ford Fusion Active Wagon 2024 will be powered by a 2.0-liter Turbocharged 8-speed automatic transmission, a more “sturdy” body, and an ALL-WHEEL DRIVE. Expected to start at $ 30,000, here’s everything we know about the New Fusion Active Wagon.

After nearly 14 years, Ford finally decides to kill the sedan version of its Ford Fusion. Having been in circulation since 2006, the five-passenger mid-size sedan finally meets its demise in 2024, after which only the Active Wagon model will be left standing. The decision to discontinue the sedan production is a part of Ford’s bigger plan to kickstart the new decade by focusing on SUVs and trucks.

The new wagon, however, despite being the only remnant, is expected to offer many new features, including a higher lift to offer better clearance, an all-wheel-drive system, and a rugged body, giving an impression of a performance-oriented wagon that still maintains its sleek and family-friendly look and feel.

Ford Fusion Active Wagon 2024

Under The Hood

There is little information regarding the engine, it is predicted that the Ford Fusion Active Wagon 2024 will have a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four engine under its hood, which has been proven to offer a significant midrange torque advantage.

The eight-speed automatic transmission expected to come with the new wagon will boost its fuel efficiency, fast-locking torque converter, and extremely smooth transmission shift.

This combination, together with the car’s all-wheel-drive powertrain, is excellent for providing balanced performance for the midrange wagon on and off the road.

Given that the 2023s will be the years for electric vehicles, a hybrid variant will also be very likely released. However, there is a strong doubt of whether a fully electric variant will be available as well.

Ford Fusion Active Wagon 2024

Ford Fusion Active Wagon 2024 Design

Despite being a wagon, the Ford Fusion Active Wagon 2024 continues to keep its sedan look. From the front, it looks sleek and elegant, like its sedan predecessor.

The rugged accent on its body gives a clue of its performance, represented by everything under its hood and the car’s powertrain. This accent is apparent, especially in the car’s lower body part, where the cladding shows the car’s capability to run on both rough terrains and smoother city roads and highways.

Ford Fusion Active Wagon 2024

Ford Fusion Active Wagon 2024 Prices

As a midrange wagon, the Ford Fusion Active Wagon 2024 will be released with midrange prices. The predicted range is between $30,000 to $40,000, making the car quite affordable for most customers.

The sales of sedans and wagons have been weak lately, which become even weaker after the coronavirus outbreak.

Ford’s insistence on keeping the wagon variant of Ford Fusion is considered a risky bet, especially due to Americans’ steadily growing interest in SUVs and pickup trucks, the prices are considered reasonable enough to keep the car sellable and to prevent the total demise of Ford Fusion.

Moreover, despite the weak market performance of wagons, the recent success of the Subaru Outback gives a clear proof that a big portion of American customers continues to regard wagons like Fusion Active as lovable vehicles.


Unfortunately, there is little to no information about the features of the Ford Fusion Active Wagon 2024. Apart from the clues regarding the transmission, powertrain, and engine, which are again subject to change, there is almost no additional information about this car.

Ford Fusion Active Wagon 2024 Redesign Interior

Even the car’s current appearance is based on Ford’s 3D rendering and the current model of the wagon. Nevertheless, the prediction concerning its release is near accurate so that we can expect the release of official information about this car’s features and possible trim variation very soon.

Ford Fusion Active Wagon 2024


Will the Ford Fusion Active Wagon 2024 be successful on the market? As mentioned above, customers are currently inclined towards buying SUVs and pickup trucks; many of them are also interested in getting an electric vehicle.

The New Ford Fusion Active Wagon is not a part of this trend. For customers, this situation can be a valuable reference for them to get the wagon. They certainly don’t want to get a car that can not maintain its value.

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Buying an SUV or a truck continues to be the most foolproof decision for buyers, you can try to experiment with this wagon. Subaru’s success in gathering cult followers for its Outback exposes a fact that there is a chance for wagons like the Ford Fusion Active Wagon 2024 to gain success on the market. Once the car’s features are officially released, you will find many more reasons to buy this car, or perhaps not to buy it.