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Ford Escape 2024: Specs and Release Date

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Ford Escape 2024: Specs and Release Date. The Ford Escape 2024 should be getting an update this year; we expect an update on the interior with the newest technology, spacious dimensions, and better overall off-road capability.

If the Ford Kuga’s clone is skipped) of Ford Escape hits the road, 2024 marks the first time the fourth generation (or third-generation. Within a subsequent couple of years, you will see excellent features the new-gen compact crossover attempts to offer.

The Ford Escape 2024 is still beyond the horizon, but news about it is already circulating. Buyers and sellers similarly expect the new great things that will come with the coming Ford Escape model. You will be glad to find out all the fantastic features that the 2024 model of Ford Escape tries to offer if you anticipate the same.

With the 2024 model expected to be first publicly seen sometime in fall 2024, there is virtually no exact clue regarding all the features that the succeeding model offers; however, leaks are already circulating, and some do reveal surprising facts about the car, including a few unexpected elements that will radically change the way you see Ford Escape, even if you have been getting familiar with the lifechanging fourth-generation features. Here are the most notable changes that you can expect to see in the 2024 model.

Ford Escape 2024

Ford Escape 2024 Engine Specs – The Same Under The Hood

Despite the significant change in the car’s design, everything is expected to be mostly the same under the hood. The fourth-generation Ford Escape features the 1.5 L Ecoboost I3-T engine for the standard variants and the 2.0 L Ecoboost I4-T engine for the Titanium-only model. The I4 engine paired with two electric motors is available for the hybrid model.

This engine set will least likely change when the Ford Escape 2024 models are released. As already said, there is not yet clear information regarding the car’s powerhouse, you expect everything to be the same under the hood.

Ford Escape 2024

More Seats

Since its first inception in 2001, Ford Escape has always been known as a five-seater compact crossover that is excellent for regular commuting and family transport but is also quite capable of being a sporty ride. For four generations, the seat number has always been five. Even the 2024 model, which marks the first upgrade of the fourth-generation model, doesn’t turn away from this tradition. It remains the five-seater model similar to the previous three generations.

The 2024 upgrade, however, is expected to cause a significant change to this convention. Rumors are already circulating about the possible transformation of the Ford Escape model from a five-seater crossover to a full seven-seater SUV.

This change is predicted due to Ford Endura’s weak performance in the SUV competition, which becomes even more vulnerable due to the coronavirus outbreak. Ford expects to tip the balance by introducing third-row seating to its Ford Escape 2024 model, allowing the compact crossover to compete in the full SUV market.

Ford Escape 2024

Ford Escape 2024 New Dimensions

Longer Wheelbase

The addition of the third-row seating certainly causes the overall car’s body somewhat longer than before. A longer wheelbase is thus also anticipated. The longer wheelbase, however, will not be new and is expected to adopt that of the already mainstream Ford cars.

There are some Ford cars whose underpinnings are expected to be used by Ford Escape 2024. Ford Focus becomes the strongest candidate mostly due to its similar body profile to that of the Ford Escape; however, other models, including the Ford Maverick truck and Ford Bronco Sport SUV. The 2024 model is expected to be longer, and if you wish to have a Ford Escape that is not overly compact, you may need to wait, though the waiting period will not be extended because of a reason you will read below.

Ford Escape 2024 Release Date

The 2024 model is already at the doorstep today. With its release date expected to be around fall this year, you can expect the release date of the 2024 model to be at approximately the same period next year. It is not a very long time to wait for the upcoming model if you don’t mind delaying your car shopping day for just another year.

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Ford Escape 2024

Ford Escape 2024 Price

Considering that the 2024 model will be in the market by the fourth quarter of 2024, you can expect the 2024 model to arrive by the end of 2024. The market condition, which is influenced mainly by Covid-19, becomes a determining factor for the release. How about the purchasing price of the Ford Escape 2024? Prices are expected to start at around $26,000 for the standard variant.

  • S: $ 26,000 (est).
  • SE: $ 28,000 (est).
  • SE Sport Hybrid: $ 30,000 (est).
  • SEL: $ 31,000 (est).
  • SE PHEV: $ 35,000 (est).
  • PHEV CELL: $ 37,000 (est).
  • Titanium: $ 38,000 (est).
  • Titanium PHEV: $ 41,000 (est).

You can also lease the Current Escape model for $229 per month for 36 months with a $3039 duat at the signing.